A Garner of Saints – Saint Apollonia

detail of a stained glass window depicting Siant Apollonia with a pair of tongs and the palm of martyrdom, date unknown, artist unknown; Church of Saint Agatha, Bongard, Germany; photographed on 14 May 2011 by GFreihalter; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

Virgin and martyr of Alexandria. Her parents were childless, and one day there passed through the city three pilgrims begging alms in the name of Christ and His mother. The parents were astonished at the manner of begging, and interrogated the pilgrims, who preached to them the merits of Christ and the Virgin. The wife then asked them if the Virgin would grant’her prayer and give her a child, and they answered, without doubt. In due course a daughter was born to them, whom they called Apollonia. She grew up in grace and beauty, and longed to be baptised. Accordingly she went to Saint Leonine, the disciple of Saint Anthony, who performed the office, and suddenly there appeared an angel holding a garment of shining whiteness, which he threw over her, saying, “This is Apollonia., the servant of Jesus; go now to Alexandria and preach the faith of Christ.” Accordingly she went to preach, and spoke with such eloquence that many were converted. But others ran to complain to her father and accuse her of breaking the law. Her father delivered her to the heathen governor, who commanded her to worship the idol of the city, but she, making the sign of the cross, commanded the demon who dwelt there to depart, and he with a loud cry broke the statue and fled, calling Out! “The holy virgin Apollonia drives me forth.” Then the magistrate commanded her to be bound, and all her teeth were pulled out one by one. After this a fire was kindled, and they threatened to throw her into it if she would not utter some impious words, but she, taking a moment to reflect, broke loose from her persecutors and flung herself into the flames, and thus perished, in the year 249. 9th February.


  • Pair of pincers holding tooth.

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