A Garner of Saints – Saint Ansano

detail of a painting of Saint Ansanus baptizing, artist unknown, c.1445; Christian Museum, Esztergom, HungaryArticle

At the age of eight he fled to a church and asked for baptism. The priest, who had received a vision in the night warning him of what was to happen, joyfully consented, and they went to a secret place where a heavenly light shone with a pleasant odour, while a fountain of water welled up. After the ceremony had been performed the boy returned to his father’s house. When the persecutions were raging against the Christians, Ansano went to seek a woman named Maxima who had been baptized with him, and they went together to the Emperors Diocletian and Maximian, saying that they were Christians. On the way they restored the sight of a blind man. Being denounced to the emperors before their arrival they were dragged before them, and when they refused to sacrifice they were cast into prison. Here a voice came to them exhorting them to rejoice in the Lord, and they knelt and prayed, after which they sang psalms. While they slept an angel came to them in a dream exhorting them to be of good courage. The next day they were brought before the emperors once more, and proving firm in their faith, Maxima was beaten to death, while Ansano was sent back to prison. But he escaped to Bagni Regense, where the Lord appeared to him. After two months he retumed to Siena, working many miracles. Here he was again taken and condemned to death. They made a great fire, laid him upon it, and then threw wax, lead, resin and oil over him, but no sooner was he on the fire than it went out completely. Upon seeing this the judge commanded that he should be beheaded, and, being taken to a place near the banks of the Arbia, he suffered death. On the spot where the head fell a fountain welled up. 1st December.


  • Palm with a cluster of dates; standard of the Cross.

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