A Garner of Saints – Michael the Archangel

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The leader of the armies of Heaven against Lucifer, and he subdued the devil. Appearing to the Virgin Mary he announced her death. At the day of Judgment it is his function to blow the trumpet and raise the dead, after which he will weigh the souls of the righteous and unrighteous. In the year 390 there dwelt at Siponte in Apulia a man named Galgan, who was very rich. One day a bull escaped from the herd to the Galganian mount, hard by. Galgan accordingly took a company of servants and went to seek him, and when they found the bull, he shot a poisoned arrow at him which returned upon the sender. Upon this the inhabitants of the town went to the bishop asking him what they ought to do. The bishop advised them to fast for three days, and at the end of that time Saint Michael appeared to him saying that he wished to honour that spot, and had guarded it for that purpose. Then the bishop and the people went to a cavern on the mountain and found there three altars, one of them covered with a rich crimson cloth, while from the rock there sprang a spring which had virtue to heal all diseases. Here they built a church, and many pilgrimages were made to the spot. The next apparition was to Saint Gregory at the mole of Hadrian. Yet another manifestation was given in the year 710. At the mountain of la Tombe near the sea and six miles from Avranches, Michael appeared to the bishop and commanded him to build a church there, dedicated to him, and the angel touched the bishop’s head, leaving a mark in his skull; the angel directed him, in addition, to found the church on a spot where he should find a bull, driven there by robbers, while the building was to cover as much ground as should have been trampled by the animal. Now there were two rocks on the spot which no human force could move. Saint Michael accordingly appeared to a man and commanded him to remove them, and when he arrived there he was enabled to take them away without the least difficulty. The place being without water, Saint Michael directed them to make a hole in the hard rock, from which an abundant stream immediately issued. This was the origin of Mont Saint Michael. 6th December.


  • Dressed in complete armour, his wings of many colours; the scales are usually near him and he tramples Satan under foot.

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