A Garner of Saints – Ephesus and Potitus

detail of a statue of Saint Ephysius of Sardinia; date unknown, artist unknown; Cagliari, Sardinia; photographed in April 2008 by Giova81; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsArticle

(French: Ephyse) Ephesus was born at Jerusalem in the third century. He came to Rome and undertook public offices. Being appointed governor of Sardinia by Diocletian, with instructions to persecute the Christians, he proceeded thither. But on the way a cross appeared to him in the air, and a voice addressed him, calling him by name. Seized with fear, and overcome with conviction, he gave up everything – employment, honours, riches – and after receiving baptism he went to Sardinia to preach to the people. The news of his conversion having reached Rome, Diocletian appointed another governor, named Julius, with instructions to take Ephesus and try him as a Christian. Arrived at Cagliari, the new governor caused him to be apprehended, and finding that promises and threats were equally unavailing, had recourse to torture. While he was being beaten with rods, Ephesus asked to be taken to the Temple of Apollo. This was immediately granted. Arrived at the temple, Ephesus knelt and prayed, and the building at once fell down with a frightful noise, to the terror of the bystanders. The Governor then caused Ephesus to undergo fresh tortures, and finally cut off his head. Potitus, a Sardinian Christian, suflered with Ephesus. 15 January and 13 February.


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