108 Martyrs of World War II

108 Martyrs of World War IIAlso known as

  • Polish Martyrs
  • 108 Polish Martyrs of the Nazis
  • 108 Blessed Polish Martyrs


  • 12 June
  • individuals have separate memorials


A group of Polish Christians murdered for their faith by the Nazis during World War II.

  • Antoni Zawistowski, priest (1882-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Bronislaw Komorowski, priest (1889-22.3.1940 KL Stutthof)
  • Czeslaw Jozwiak (1919-1942 guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Dominik Jedrzejewski, priest (1886-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Edward Detkens, priest (1885-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Edward Grzymala, priest (1906-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Edward Kazmierski (1919-1942 guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Edward Klinik (1919-1942 guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Florian Stepniak, friar, priest (1912-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Franciszek Dachtera, priest (1910-23.8.1942 KL Dachau)
  • Franciszek Drzewiecki, friar, priest (1908-1942 KL Dachau); (1908-1942), a Son of Divine Providence (Don Orione), from Zduny, he was condemned to heavy work in the plantation of Dachau. While he was bending over tilling the soil, he adored the consecrated hosts kept in a small box in front of him. While he was going to the gas-chamber, he encourage his companions, saying “We offer our life for God, for the Church and for our Country”
  • Franciszek Kesy (1920-1942 guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Franciszek Roslaniec, priest (1889-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Franciszek Stryjas, father of a family, (1882-31.7.1944 prison in Kalisz)
  • Henryk Krzysztofik, friar, priest (1908-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Hilary Pawel Januszewski, friar, priest (1907-1945 KL Dachau); (1909-1945), a Carmelite who managed to survive in the camp of Dachau and go free. Then in Feburary 1942, in the lager typhoid spread, he offered himself freely to serve those who were dying in an isolated make-shift building because, as he used to say, he was more needed there. He contracted typhoid and died there
  • Jarogniew Wojciechowski (1922-1942 guillotined in a prison in Dresden)
  • Jerzy Kaszyra, friar,priest (1910-1943, burnt to death in Rosica)
  • Jozef Achilles Puchala, friar, priest (1911-1943)
  • Jozef Czempiel, priest (1883-1942 KL Mauthausen)
  • Jozef Jankowski, friar,priest, (1910 born in Czyczkowy near Brusy-16.10.1941, died in German death camp Auschwitz beaten by kapo)
  • Jozef Kut, priest (1905-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Jozef Stanek, friar, priest (1916-23.9.1944, mudered in Warsaw after tortures by Germans in Warsaw)
  • Jozef Straszewski, priest (1885-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Jozef Zaplata, friar (1904-1945 KL Dachau)
  • Julia Rodzinska, sister (1899-20.2.1945 died in German death camp Stutthof); (1899-1945), a Dominican, she died in the extermination camp of Stuthoff, having contract typhoid serving the Jewish women prisoners in a hut for which she had volunteered
  • Karol Herman Stepien, friar, priest (1910-1943)
  • Kazimierz Sykulski, priest (1882-1942 KL Auschwitz)
  • Leon Wetmanski(1886-1941, German death camp Dzialdowo), bishop
  • Ludwik Pius Bartosik, friar, priest (1909-1941 KL Auschwitz); Franciscans of Niepokalanow. These were the closest collaborators of Saint Maximilian Kolbe in the fight for God’s cause and together suffered and helped each other spiritually in their offering their lives at Auschwitz
  • Maksymilian Binkiewicz, priest (1913-24.7.1942, beaten died in German death camp Dachau)
  • Marcin Oprzadek, friar (1884-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Maria Antonina Kratochwil, sister (1881-1942)
  • Marian Gorecki, priest (1903-22.3.1940 KL Stutthof)
  • Marian Konopinski, priest (1907-1.1.1943 KL Dachau)
  • Marian Skrzypczak, priest (1909-1939 shot in Plonkowo)
  • Michal Czartoryski, friar, priest (1897-1944)
  • Michal Ozieblowski, priest (1900-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Mieczyslaw Bohatkiewicz, priest (1904-4.3.1942 shot in Berezwecz)
  • Mieczyslawa Kowalska, siter (1902-1941 KL Dzialdowo)
  • Narcyz Turchan, friar, priest (1879-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Natalia Tulasiewicz (1906-31.3.1945 died in German death camp Ravensbrück, in a gas chamber), a teacher; How can we fail to mention a teacher from Poznan, NATALIA TULASIEWICZ (1906-1945), who was a leader in the apostolate of lay people. During the occupation, she volunteered to leave for the Third Reich together with of ther women condemned to do heavy work in order to give them spiritual comfort. When the Gestapo found out, she was arrested, tortured and humiliated in public and was condemned to death in the Rawensbruck camp. On Good Friday, with the strength that was still in her, she climbed a stool in the hut and gave a talk to the prisoners on the passion and resurrection of Jesus. Two days later, they brought her to die in a gas-chamber
  • Roman Archutowski, priest (1882-1943 KL Majdanek)
  • Roman Sitko, priest (1880-1942 KL Auschwitz)
  • Stanislaw Kubski, friar, priest (1876-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Stanislaw Mysakowski, priest (1896-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Stanislaw Pyrtek, priest (1913-4.3.1942 shot in Berezwecz)
  • Stanislaw Starowieyski, father of a family (1895-13.4.1940/1 KL Dachau)
  • Stefan Grelewski, priest (1899-1941 KL Dachau)
  • Tadeusz Dulny, alumnus (1914-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Wladyslaw Bladzinski, friar, priest (1908-1944)
  • Wladyslaw Goral,(1898-1945 KL Sachsenhausen), bishop
  • Wladyslaw Mackowiak, priest (1910-4.3.1942 shot in Berezwecz)
  • Wladyslaw Maczkowski, priest (1911-20.8.1942 KL Dachau)
  • Wladyslaw Miegon, priest, commandor leutnant (1892-1942 KL Dachau)
  • Wlodzimierz Laskowski, priest (1886-1940 KL Gusen)
  • Zygmunt Pisarski, priest (1902-1943)
  • Zygmunt Sajna, priest (1897-1940 prison Palmiry)




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